Chapter 1246 You’re Great, But I Don’t Like You

As soon as Madam Jin heard that Jin Fengchen was back in the country, she persisted on going to the Capital herself to see. However, Jin Fengyao stopped her.

“Mom, there’s nothing you can do if you go over there. Just be patient and wait at home.”

Madam Jin frowned deeply, her face full of worry. “Didn’t you say your brother’s lost his memories? How much longer do I have to wait at home?”

“Mom.” Jin Fengyao led her to the sofa to take a seat and reassured her softly, “Don’t worry, Sese will bring him home.”

Madam Jin thought about it, but she was still not at ease. “No, I need to go there and see for myself how Fengchen is doing.”

Seeing that he could not convince his mother, Jin Fengyao could only look at his father with a pleading gaze.

Master Jin coughed lightly and said, “It’s okay, don’t muddy the waters. The children will find a way to fix this.”

“Do you think I’m as big-hearted as you?” Madam Jin rolled her eyes at him impatiently. “I’m worried that Sese can’t do i
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