Chapter 1247 Daddy, I’m Tiantian!

“Whether I like someone or not is none of your business.”

Fang Yuchen pointed at the door and gestured to kick her out. “I’m very busy, and I’ve got no time to entertain you. Please leave!”

“Fang Yuchen!” Ye Xiaoyi was so angry she stomped her foot and glared at him unhappily.

Seeing that she was unwilling to leave, Fang Yuchen pressed the intercom. “Song Yao, escort Ms. Ye out!”

He was not going to give her any face at all!

Ye Xiaoyi was beside herself with anger. She yelled at him as she pointed a finger at his nose. “Fang Yuchen, do you really think I won’t marry anyone else other than you? Do you know how many people are chasing after me?”

Fang Yuchen smiled. “If that’s the case, you should choose someone else, Ms. Ye, and save yourself all of this anger.”

“You!” Ye Xiaoyi was so angry she had no words to say.

At that moment, Song Yao opened the door and walked in. He noticed that something was wrong with the atmosphere, and he said carefully, “Mr. President…”

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