Chapter 1249 Telepathic Connection

Shangguan Yuan closed the door softly, and her eyes narrowed as she suddenly began to scheme.

It would seem that the wedding needed to be brought forward in order to prevent any unfortunate events.

Who knew what else Jiang Sese and the others would do to agitate Jin Fengchen in order to let him recover his memories.

She quickly walked down the stairs, and prepared to go to the office to talk to Shangguan Qian to discuss the wedding.

When she reached the entrance hall, she saw Shu Yun walking in with a pair of shears.

As soon as she saw her, Shu Yun immediately stopped in her tracks and bowed her head respectfully, “Young Miss.”

“What are you doing?” Shangguan Yuan looked at the shears in her hand and asked sternly.

“I was thirsty, so I wanted to get a drink of water.” Shu Yun hurriedly explained.

“Go then. After you finish your drink, hurry back to the backyard. If you’re done then go back and wait in your room. Don’t go running around, understand?”

If Shangguan Yuan w
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