Chapter 1251 Keep Spoiling You

Liang Xinwei was waiting at the entrance to the neighborhood very early on. She looked at her watch from time to time, the nervousness clear on her face which had slight makeup on it.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm her emotions.

This would be the first date she had with Fang Yuchen ever since they confirmed their relationship.

About ten minutes later, a black Land Rover drove over and stopped beside her.

The car window rolled down to reveal Fang Yuchen’s handsome face.

“Weiwei, get in.”

Liang Xinwei could not help but blush when she saw the smile in his eyes.

She said “Okay,” softly and opened the front seat to get in.

Fang Yuchen turned and smiled warmly at her.

Liang Xinwei only felt her cheeks grow hot and she smiled bashfully, “Let’s go.”

“Buckle up.” Fang Yuchen gestured for her to fasten her safety belt.

“Okay.” Liang Xinwei hurriedly pulled it over her.

Fang Yuchen smiled and started the car, before he slowly drove out of the neighborhood.

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