Chapter 1252 Not Our Own Person

Fang Yuchen looked up at Liang Xinwei who was eating. He thought for a moment before he put down his chopsticks.

“Weiwei, there’s something I need to tell you beforehand.”

“Hm?” Liang Xinwei looked at him, confused.

Fang Yuchen mumbled to himself for a moment before he slowly spoke, “Did you know Sese’s husband has returned to the country?”

Liang Xinwei was very happy to find out about this, “He’s returned?”

“Yeah.” Fang Yuchen nodded, “However, he’s lost his memory.”

“How could this happen?” Liang Xinwei stopped eating, “Isn’t Sister Sese very sad then?”

“Sese really is quite sad, but she’s also finding a way to restore his memories.”

Liang Xinwei thought about it, “Therefore… does this have anything to do with what you want to tell me?”

“Jin Fengchen is currently at the Shangguan residence. Sese is there too, and she needs my help.”

When Fang Yuchen reached this point, he paused as he tried to find the right words to say.

“Why is Sister Sese at the Shangguan Res
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