Chapter 1253 How To See Fengchen?

After Ye Chenyun left, Liang Xinwei walked into Anan’s room.

She only wanted to see if Anan was tucked in, but she did not expect that he had not yet gone to bed.

As soon as he heard the door open, Anan got out of bed.

“Why aren’t you in bed yet?”

Liang Xinwei rushed over.

“Mom, are you dating Uncle Fang?” Anan acted like an adult.

Liang Xinwei was stunned, but quickly reacted and pretended to be displeased, “Why are little children asking such questions? Hurry up and sleep.”

Anan looked at her quietly for a few seconds, before he obediently laid down.

“Next time, don’t sleep so late, understand?” Liang Xinwei pulled the blanket over her.

Anan said softly, “Okay.”

Liang Xinwei turned off the lights and only left the desk lamp on.

As she turned to leave, there was suddenly a soft voice behind her.

“Mom, I like Uncle Fang. I’m willing to let him be my dad.”

Liang Xinwei was stunned. She looked behind her to find that Anan had pulled the blanket over his head to
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