Chapter 126 The Marriage Contract

Su Qingyin, with her eyes on Lu Zheng, cut to the chase. "Mr. Lu, you're in love with Jiang Sese and I'm in love with Jin Fengchen. Why don't we think of a way that would benefit us both?"

She was seeking an alliance with him. She would help Lu Zheng get Jiang Sese. And if they were to be together, she would benefit from it as well. Lu Zheng frowned at what she had just proposed.

"I'm gonna have to pass on that. Sorry, Miss Su."

Then he drove off.

Lu Zheng was in love with Jiang Sese, and if Jin Fengchen was also, then Lu Zheng knew that he would be a big threat.

But he had to fight for his own happiness. There was no need for an alliance with Su Qingyin. And if Jiang Sese did choose Jin Fengchen in the end, then he would respect her decision.

Su Qingyin was left there by herself. She was surprised and she stared in the direction that Lu Zheng's car had gone. There was a flash of gloom in her eyes.

"How dare he say no to me like that!"

She squeezed her hands tightly. "Why are t
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Jasmine Wattpad
II'm getting frustrated with this 2 love birds. He's a billionaire and he can't even think of DNA for his son's and Sese if they look a like. Is he not aware who the mother of the child is?

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