Chapter 1263 Retreat

“Everything is wrong with it!” Shang Ying was furious and immediately concluded, “You have to break up with Weiwei.”

The marriage between the Fang and Ye families had been made known publicly and both parties had already agreed to it. It was not something that he could back out of just by not agreeing to it.

“No way,” said Fang Yuchen. “Weiwei and I like each other and decided to be together. We’re not breaking up.”

“What about Xiaoyi? What about Xiaoyi?" Shang Ying asked angrily.

Fang Yuchen was silent.

Actually, he had not thought about how to tell the Ye family about it.

He also knew that once this got out, the two families might have a falling out.

“You don’t know, do you?” Shang Ying retorted angrily. “The only way to resolve this now is for you to break up with Weiwei!”

“I won't break up with her. Give it up, Mother.” Fang Yuchen was very firm and there was no room for negotiation.

Shang Ying glared at him. She wanted to know what he was thinking!

Ye Xiaoyi and Liang
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