Chapter 1267 Wait And See


Song Ran and the manager called out in shock.

Liang Xinwei closed her eyes without realizing it.

She was finished!

There was no way she could escape!

However, the pain that she was expecting never came. She only heard Ye Xiaoyi’s enraged voice saying, “Let me go right now! Let me go!”

Liang Xinwei opened her eyes to see a large figure. She cried out, startled, “Big Brother Gu!”

“Call the police!” Gu Nian said to the manager in a deep voice as he grabbed hold of Ye Xiaoyi’s hand which held the bottle.

“Okay.” The manager told Song Ran to call the police immediately.

“Let me go!” Ye Xiaoyi struggled with all her might.

Gu Nian said in a cold voice, “Don’t bother struggling pointlessly. I will never let go until the police arrive.”

“D*mn you!” Ye Xiaoyi turned to glare at him venomously, before she looked at Liang Xinwei and needled her, “You’re really something! Yuchen isn’t the only man you’ve seduced!”

When Gu Nian heard Fang Yuchen’s name, his eyebrows
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