Chapter 1268 I’m Just Being Jealous

Liang Xinwei turned to look at him before lowering her head and saying softly, “I didn’t expect to as well.”

Before she had confirmed her relationship with Fang Yuchen, she really did not dare to imagine that there would be a day where she would be with such an outstanding man as Fang Yuchen.

Sometimes, it felt like she was dreaming.

Gu Nian tightened his grip on the steering wheel and suppressed the pain in his heart. He forced a smile and said in jest, “I really thought you wouldn’t get in a relationship.”

When Liang Xinwei heard this, she recalled the words she said to him and felt an inexplicable sense of guilt. She hurriedly explained, “Actually, I had thought I would be like this for the rest of my life, but…”

Hearing the panic in her voice, Gu Nian laughed softly, “I have no intention of blaming you. I just think we weren’t meant for each other.”

Liang Xinwei bit her lip, “You’ll definitely find someone better than me.”

“One can hope.”

Gu Nian kept his eyes on th
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