Chapter 1271 Finish This

“Just who are you?”

Jin Fengchen asked again.

This time is tone of voice was not as cold as before.

Jiang Sese laughed softly, “It doesn’t matter who I am, but do you really want to marry Shangguan Yuan?”

JIn Fengchen was silent.

Truthfully, he had constantly been thinking about this over the past few days.

He knew nothing of his past, and he feared that it would be just like she said, and that he would hurt his original wife and children.

Wife and children.

Jin Fengchen had seen the two children a few days ago.

His heart suddenly felt as though it had been tugged at. It hurt.

If they were really his children, how could he abandon them and marry someone else?


Jiang Sese’s grief-stricken, crying face appeared in his mind. It made Jin Fengchen feel very troubled.

“I cannot decide whether or not to get married.” Jin Fengchen said.

Jiang Sese frowned, “As long as you don’t want to get married, can Shangguan Yuan force you?”


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Tammy Evans Moore
Poor Sese :( someone PLEASE STOP Shangguan Yuan!!!! Fengchen MUST remember Sese… she is his heart!!

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