Chapter 1273 Are You Really That Shameless

“Long time no see.” Jiang Sese smiled at him, her beautiful eyes full of warmth.

Jin Fengchen slowly stood up, his eyes fixed on her little face, “Why are you here?”

Jiang Sese arched her eyebrows and asked in reply, “What do you think?”

He… How would he know?

Jin Fengchen moved his lips as if to say something, when an overjoyed voice spoke.

“Fengchen, it’s really you!”

A middle aged woman walked up to him and took his hands, her face full of joy.

“This…” Jin Fengchen looked at Jiang Sese curiously.

“This is my Aunty Shang Ying, and yours too.” Jiang Sese looked closely at him.

“Aunty Shang Ying?” Jin Fengchen frowned, he had no recollection of this woman at all.

Seeing that he did not remember her, Shang Ying seemed disappointed. She let go of his hands and sighed, “You’ve really forgotten me and Sese completely.”

Hearing the resentment in her tone, Jin Fengchen apologized without realizing it, “I’m sorry.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, the smile on her face froze
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