Chapter 1276 You Should Give Up

“Shut up!”

Shangguan Yuan’s sore spot had been struck and she yelled, glaring viciously at Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese was as calm as ever. However, her tightly clenched fists by her side revealed her true emotions.

Just as Shangguan Yuan hated her, she hated Shangguan Yuan as well.

If not for Shangguan Yuan, she would never have been separated from Fengchen.

Furthermore, she would not have Jin Fengchen standing right before her, yet unable to remember who she was.

“Jiang Sese, let me tell you, you and Jin Fengchen will never have a chance in this lifetime.” Shangguan Yuan clenched her teeth as she spoke.

“Is that so?” Jiang Sese arched her eyebrows. “You shouldn’t speak too soon before you two get married.”

“If you dare ruin my wedding with Fengchen, I will definitely not let you go!” Shangguan Yuan warned her.

“He doesn’t love you.” Jiang Sese looked at Jin Fengchen, who stood behind Shangguan Yuan smiling. “He can’t have forgotten me completely. He will remember me even
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