Chapter 1277 Why Did You Lie To Me

“Mr. President, something’s happened!”

Song Yao burst into the President’s office with a tablet in hand.

Fang Yuchen frowned and put down his documents to chastise him unhappily. “What’s so urgent?”

“Mr. President, look.” Song Yao did not bother explaining and handed him the tablet directly.

Fang Yuchen took it. What was on the screen was Ye Xiaoyi rushing toward Liang Xinwei with a broken wine bottle. His expression instantly changed.

He hit the play button of the video, and watched the entire video.

“What’s the meaning of this?” After he had watched it, he had an extremely cold look on his face.

Song Yao answered directly, “This video suddenly appeared online. Right now, the whole Internet is talking about it, and…”

Song Yao paused here, and his pained look irritated Fang Yuchen, who ordered, “What else? Spit it out!”

“The netizens are all insulting Ms. Liang. It’s really bad. Unbearable to look at, even.”

When Fang Yuchen heard this, he immediately took a look at
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