Chapter 1278 Who Is So Shameless

Liang Xinwei felt a warmth in her chest when she saw Fang Yuchen’s serious expression. She sniffled and nodded earnestly, “I got it. I won’t hide things from you next time.”

“There will be no next time.” Fang Yuchen said, “I will not allow it.”

“Then Ye Xiaoyi…” Liang Xinwei spoke, then stopped.

She was worried he thought that she was pressuring him.

As soon as she brought up Ye Xiaoyi, Fang Yuchen frowned deeply. His expression was dark, “I’ll settle this properly, she will never hurt you again.”

Liang Xinwei nodded, “Okay.”

When Fang Yuchen thought about the terrible insults online, Fang Yuchen hugged her once more out of heartache.

“You should just rest well at home over the next few days. Don’t go online, just pretend the video doesn’t exist.” He said softly into her ear.

Liang Xinwei said, “Okay,” and spread her hands to wrap them around his waist. She buried her face in his chest and listened to his deep heartbeat. She felt peace in her heart.

As long as he was
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