Chapter 128 Do You Have No Feelings for Me

Jin Fengchen nodded, put the files away, and rose to his feet.

Su Qingyin was delighted. The two of them then drove to the restaurant together.


On their way to the restaurant, Su Qingyin tried to strike up a conversation. "Fengchen, were you in a rush? You didn't tell me before you left."

"Yes, it was kind of urgent," said Jin Fengchen indifferently.

Su Qingyin's heart sank. "Do I mean nothing to him?"

Nevertheless, she remained hopeful. After all, their parents would all be there later, and she was sure that Jin Fengchen would listen to his mother.

Before long, they arrived at a stylish restaurant with an elegant setting. The private room was booked a fortnight ago.

They walked into the private room to find both of their families there. Everyone was chatting with everyone else and the room was overflowing with joy.

Mother Jin greeted them with a warm smile. "We were just talking about the two of you and there you are! Come, take a seat."

Su Qingyin greeted all four paren
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