Chapter 1285 Cannot Take Such A Risk

As Jin Fengchen and Shangguan Yuan's wedding date was getting closer and closer, Jiang Sese also became increasingly fidgety.

She did not know what to do to stop the wedding, and she just felt disconcerted.

Shang Ying sensed her anxiety. While sending a plate of fruit to her room, she asked out of concern, “Sese, are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” smiled Jiang Sese. However, anyone who knew her would know that she was forcing a smile.

Shang Ying sighed, “Sese, don’t just keep all your frustrations in your heart. You can tell your uncle and I. We will solve it together.”

Jiang Sese remained silent.

“Are you worried about the wedding?”

Since she did not take the initiative to speak, Shang Ying could only ask her.

Jiang Sese nodded, “I don’t know what to do.”

The wedding was about to take place, and yet, Jin Fengchen had not regained his memories. Shang Ying could understand her fear and anxiety.

She walked over and held Jiang Sese’s hand, and comforted her softly, “Everything will
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