Chapter 1290 You Cannot Marry Her!

On the wedding day, Jiang Sese, who could not sleep the whole night, got up before dawn.

She went downstairs to see that Fang Yuchen and Gu Nian were both there.

They were waiting for her.

“Is everything ready?” Jiang Sese asked.

Fang Yuchen smiled. “It's all ready.”

Jiang Sese looked at the sky outside the full-length windows, which was still a little dark, and took a deep breath. “Let's go.”

The wedding was being held at the Shangguan villa. Shangguan Qian planned for them in advance to pose as the wedding planning company’s staff so that they could sneak into the wedding smoothly.

They originally thought that Shangguan Yuan would be very cautious and did not expect that they would be able to enter the Shangguan residence so easily.

The front courtyard of the villa was beautifully decorated, with colorful balloons, blooming flowers, and a live band playing romantic tunes.

Seeing the scene before her, Jiang Sese only saw an eyesore. She was even more determined to sabotage th
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