Chapter 1295 Could You Spend More Time To Accompany Me

“Sister Sese, your husband will definitely return to you soon,” assured Liang Xinwei.

Jiang Sese smiled, "Thank you."

The two chatted for a while before Liang Xinwei left.

Outside the ward, Liang Xinwei bumped into Shang Ying, who was sitting outside. Both of them were stunned.

Liang Xinwei reacted first, nodded slightly toward Shang Ying, and said, “I’ll be going now, Aunty.”

Shang Ying grunted and did not say anything else.

Although Liang Xinwei felt a little sad, she still smiled at her before leaving.

Shang Ying watched as Liang Xinwei disappeared around the corner of the hallway. Shang Ying retracted her gaze, her expression pensive.

“Aunty, are you outside?”

The voice coming out of the room pulled her wandering mind back and she quickly got up and walked in.

“What's the matter?” asked Shang Ying.

“It's okay. She’s gone now, you don't have to hide outside.”

“Hide?” Shang Ying frowned, “Who’s hiding?”

“Aren’t you?” Jiang Sese asked rhetorically.

“I…” Shang Ying wanted
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