Chapter 1297 I Was Originally Her Husband

Jin Fengchen was surprised by his own thinking. He hurriedly stepped back to increase the distance between himself and Jiang Sese.

His actions made Jiang Sese frown, “Are you tired with me now?”

“No.” Jin Fengchen hurriedly denied it, “I just…”

He could not say it, but he really wanted to kiss her, and he had retreated for fear of being unable to control himself.

His earnest denial amused Jiang Sese.

“Did you know? You were once always strategic and decisive. You very rarely expressed yourself like this. However…”

Jiang Sese looked at him earnestly before continuing, “I like you like this too.”

Jin Fengchen suddenly laughed, “Is that so?”

“Of course, I like you in any way.”

Seeing her raising her jaw with a proud expression, Jin Fengchen suddenly felt especially jealous of her husband.

Even though he was her husband.

However, without his previous memories, everytime she brought up her husband, he could not help but feel like she was talking about someone else.

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