Chapter 1298 Don’t Call Me Ms. Jiang

No matter what Shangguan Yuan asked, Jin Fengchen was unwilling to reveal what he and Jiang Sese talked about.

Finally, Shangguan Yuan burst into tears from anger.

“I see how insignificant I am in your heart now.”

Seeing her cry, Jin Fengchen could not help but feel bad. Shangguan Yuan continued to scream, “You don’t need to say anything more. I’ll get the maids to pack your things. There’s no point in being secretive.”

After she said this, she raised a hand and wiped her tears before she turned to leave.


Jin Fengchen rushed forward to stop her.

“Let me go!” Shangguan Yuan reached out to try and push him away, but she was held tightly in his arms.

“She just talked about the past.”

Shangguan Yuan looked up at her, “Really?”

Jin Fengchen nodded, “I don’t have any need to lie to you.”

Shangguan Yuan bit her lip, “Alright, I believe you. However, you must promise me to never see Jiang Sese again.”

Never see Jiang Sese again?

How would he go and see the
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