Chapter 13 Marriage Candidate

His words stunned the three people in the house.

"A woman?" Jin Fengyao was the first to recover his senses. His expression betrayed how excited he felt. "B-brother… is she the same one you told me about?"

"Which one?"

Master Jin was the second to recover. His gaze shifted to his second son.

Jin Fengyao replied cheerfully, "Well, a woman. I heard him say that he might be marrying her."

"Marry her?"

Madam Jin also snapped back to her senses. She said in disbelief, "You have a marriage candidate in mind? Who is she? Which family is she from? How old is she? What does she look like? What about her family background?"

Her barrage of questions gave Jin Fengchen a massive headache.

"Mom, can you all calm down?"

"All right, we will calm down. But you have to give us an explanation!"

Madam Jin looked at him solemnly; it was clear from her expression that she didn't believe that her eldest son would have a marriage candidate in mind.

After all, he detested women. Whenever he saw one, he would typically run away as far as possible.

She had set him up on countless blind dates, but each time, he would just put on a perfunctory performance.

She was even beginning to wonder if her son preferred men!

Little did she imagine that a woman would suddenly pop up out of nowhere in the few days that they were overseas.

Jin Fengchen didn't want to elaborate but knew he had no choice when he saw how determined his parents were at getting to the bottom of things. He led the two of them into his house and explained succinctly, "First of all, I never said I have a marriage candidate in mind. I'm just suggesting a hypothetical situation. Fengyao is the one making a fuss about it. Second, there's indeed a woman who Xiaobao doesn't detest. He likes her a great deal. We are currently just acquaintances, far from any prospect of marriage."

His parents were rather disappointed after hearing his explanation, but not discouraged. "What about you? Do you like her?"

Jin Fengchen's brows furrowed, seemingly finding the word "like" unfamiliar to him. He hesitated for a moment before giving a safe reply. "I don't dislike her."

"That means you like her," Jin Fengyao interjected.

That earned him an immediate glare from his older brother.

Master Jin was more rational. He asked, "Can she be trusted? How long have you known her?"

"A few… a few months," Jin Fengchen said, somewhat hesitantly.

Master Jin frowned and his eyes took on a stern quality. He said solemnly, "You're comfortable leaving Xiaobao with her after knowing her for just a few months? What if she has ulterior motives? Don't forget what happened a few years ago! I won't let you off if Xiaobao gets hurt again!"

Madam Jin echoed her agreement. "That's what I'm saying. Fengchen, I'm glad you have a woman that you like, but we haven't even met her. It's not proper for you to leave Xiaobao with her. Go and bring him back. You can bring her to our place one of these days so we can meet her."

Jin Fengchen felt his headache worsen.

How did things develop into meeting the in-laws? He might as well be spouting nonsense during his explanation earlier.

Jin Fengyao instantly understood from his brother's expression that things weren't that simple. He said, somewhat on guard, "Mom, Dad, relax. It's not like you don't know how keen-eyed and capable Brother is. Even if Xiaobao is staying at that woman's house, I'm sure he has assigned bodyguards to standby outside the door. I'm sure nothing bad will happen…"

He added, "Besides, you wanted him to get a wife, didn't you? He has never been interested in anyone. The same goes for Xiaobao. Now, we have a rare woman whom they aren't averse to. Don't scare her away, all right? Do you want to see your brother remain an eternal bachelor or fall for a man?"


Their parents were still worried.

Jin Fengyao interrupted them, "No 'buts'. Brother said it's still too early to say. I must have misheard him. Marriage or whatever, I'm the one who brought it up. Our Xiaobao is only spending one night outside. Tomorrow, Brother and I will pick him up. Look, it's getting late. You two should go home and rest."

He pulled his parents up as he spoke and gently pushed them outside.

Master Jin was exasperated. "Stinky brat. How can you chase us out before we get the whole story?"

"That's right," Madam Jin said, glaring at Jin Fengyao. "We haven't even hung around long enough for the couch to feel warm."

Jin Fengyao replied, "What's the point of hanging around? You're here to see your dear grandson. I know you're already sick of your sons' faces. Go home and get some rest. The chauffeur is waiting outside."

The three of them exited the house, pushing and shoving each other. Jin Fengyao stuffed his parents into the car and swiftly sent them away.

After settling the old folks, Jin Fengyao immediately tried to take credit for his labor. "Brother, what do you think? I did well, didn't I?"

"Not bad," Jin Fengchen said with sincere admiration.

Jin Fengyao rubbed his hands with a wide grin. "Then, seeing how well I did, why don't you tell me that woman's identity? I lost sleep last night over this."

Jin Fengchen cast his younger brother a cold look. "There's a pile of documents in the study. Go over them if you can't sleep."

Jin Fengyao's smile immediately became frozen and his expression faltered. He complained, "What's with all the secrecy? Nothing will happen even if you tell me. You will often need my help in the future."

Jin Fengchen was disdainful. "For example?"

Jin Fengyao raised his chin and puffed up his chest. "For example, placating Mom and Dad! Just watch and see. Even though we have placated them now, they will surely become curious about that woman's identity and send their investigators. When the investigation is over, they may even disturb her in person. When that happens, you will have to rely on your dear brother to placate them. So… Just tell me who she is!"

Jin Fengchen didn't seem to buy this at all. "I can placate them as well. Even if I can't, I will arrange a marriage for you. Then, Mom and Dad won't have time to worry about me."

"F*ck!" Jin Fengyao flew into a rage. He pointed to his brother and said angrily, "Brother, you're being cruel! Am I even your biological brother?"

"Of course." Jin Fengyao's beautiful lips curved into a faint smile. "Do you still want to know her identity now?"

Jin Fengyao could feel his tears streaming down his face. "No. Forget it."

He could investigate on his own!
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