Chapter 1302 Aren’t You Giving Up?

When Fang Yuchen returned to the lounge, Shang Ying stopped chatting with Madam Jin to ask, “Who were you talking to for so long?”

When Fang Yuchen heard the question, he knew Ye Xiaoyi had not said anything, therefore, he simply plucked out an excuse, “A client.”

Ye Xiaoyi huffed coldly, but said nothing.

She wanted to reveal on the spot that he was still in a relationship with another woman despite being engaged to her.

However, she could not cause a scene now, or else Fang Yuchen might use it as a chance to call off the engagement.

Therefore, even if she was going to die of anger, she had to force herself to hold it in.

Ye Xiaoyi glared at Fang Yuchen, her eyes filled with anger and unwillingness!

Since he dared to be so shameless, she had no need to be kind to Liang Xinwei.

After dinner, Jin Fengyao brought his family back to the hotel to rest.

Fang Teng and Shang Ying originally wanted to put them up at their place, but Madam Jin declined politely.

“We’re so ma
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