Chapter 131 Has She Been Abandoned?

Su Qingyin blanched a little. She had expected to hear the denial from Jin Fengchen in front of others, but the words still upset her.

She sighed, recalling what had happened the previous night during the family dinner.

An Qing was surprised as well. "Baseless rumor? So, there is no wedding after all?" He stared at the couple in disbelief.

However, An Qing didn't keep his voice down and the hall was very crowded. Almost immediately, the news of Su Qingyin and Jin Fengchen's approaching wedding spread out.

"Have you heard? Young Master Jin and Miss Su are getting married."

"I already knew that. Yesterday, I saw their families having dinner together. I bet they were making wedding plans."

"Wow! I can't imagine the iceberg Young Master Jin getting married! Miss Su is incredible. She has conquered the famous Young Master Jin!"

"They are perfect for each other and meant to be together. I bet it's going to be a big, fat wedding! I can't wait to see it!"

"That's right! They're like a
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