Chapter 1312 You Will Definitely Remember

“I like mommy and daddy best.”

Tiantian looked up and said with an earnest expression.

“Mommy likes Tiantian best too.” Jiang Sese ruffled her little head gently, before she said tentatively, “However, can we let Big Brother have daddy now?”


Tiantian obediently sat aside.

Jiang Sese looked at Xiaobao and said gently, “Xiaobao, show daddy the models you made.”

As soon as his beloved models were brought up, Xiaobao’s eyes lit up. He pointed at the models on the coffee table and introduced them one by one.

He articulated himself clearly, and he spoke in detail.

It was completely unmatched with his age.

He was far more mature than Jin Fengchen imagined.

With those arched eyebrows, Xiaobao was literally a miniature version of himself.

Looking at Xiaobao, Jin Fengchen’s eyes grew gentle.

“Daddy, do you want to put together a model with me?” After Xiaobao had shown his models, he asked carefully.

Jin Fengchen nodded without hesitating, “Sure.”

Xiaobao was i
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