Chapter 1314 He Belonged To Her!

Jin Fengchen hugged each child in one arm tightly, as though he were afraid he would never see them.

When Jiang Sese saw this, she looked away and wiped her tears.

After a while, Jiang Sese walked forward to take the children as she said softly, “Daddy’s been with us the whole day, he needs to go back and rest. He’ll come see us some other day.”

“Daddy, you must keep your word. Big Brother and I will be waiting at Aunty Shang Ying’s house for you.” Tiantian said with a whine.

Jin Fengchen nodded, “Okay.”

Jiang Sese looked up at him, the tip of her nose aching. She took a deep breath and forced the tears back before she squeezed out a smile, “The kids and I will be waiting.”

Jin Fengchen looked at her. He was very unhappy to separate from them.

“Have a safe trip back.”

“Okay.” Jiagn Sese took the children’s hands and turned to walk back to the car by the side of the road. She suddenly remembered something and immediately stopped to say, “By the way, if you’re going ba
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