Chapter 1317 Let Down Your Kindness


Shang Ying wanted to refute her, but as the words reached her lips, she realized that there was no point in struggling with this question.

She simply said, “Even if Yuchen does not marry Xiaoyi, we cannot accept you.”

She was very clear.

Liang Xinwei also understood. She lowered her head and said softly, “Aunty, I always thought you were a reasonable person, but I didn't expect you to have such a big objection toward me.”

“I am not unreasonable. As long as you leave Yuchen, I will immediately let you get your job back.”

This was the condition set by Shang Ying.

However, Liang Xinwei did not want to compromise. “Aunty, I love Yuchen. I’m sorry, I can't agree to your request.”

She bowed, then turned and strode away.

Shang Ying scoffed as she stared at Liang Xinwei’s back as she left. What did she mean? Was she still reluctant to leave Yuchen?

“Youngest Aunty.” Jiang Sese heard their entire conversation. “How could you ruin Weiwei's job like that?”

“What? Are you trying
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