Chapter 1322 No Need To Sleep Separately

“Am I wrong in saying that?” asked Jiang Sese.

Jin Fengyao shook his head. “No. You’re right. He is from the Jin family. Of course, he has to come back to the Jin residence.”

“So, you have to work hard for a while. Your brother hasn't recovered his memory, so he won’t be able to handle the company matters just yet,” said Jiang Sese.

Jin Fengyao laughed. “Don't worry, I was just joking. Even if he recovers his memory, I won't let him take over the job immediately.”

“Thank you.”

If not for Jin Fengyao, the Jin Group and the Jin family would have collapsed into a mess.

“We’re family. You don’t have to be so formal.” Jin Fengyao smiled.

After drinking the soup, Madam Jin saw that Jin Fengchen looked a little tired, so she asked Jiang Sese to take him upstairs to rest.

“I have asked the servants to clean the rooms, and the sheets and covers have all been replaced. You can go ahead and sleep,” said Madam Jin.

“Okay,” replied Jiang Sese, and she took Jin Fengchen upstairs.

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