Chapter 1323 I Guessed It

The more Shangguan Yuan thought about it, the more disheartened she felt. Finally, she burst into laughter; the laughter then turned to tears.

She put all her effort to have Jin Fengchen remain by her side.

Yet, he left her for that woman, Jiang Sese.

He showed no quarter.

She loved him so much. How could he be so disdainful of her feelings?

She clenched her fists fiercely as she thought about this. Her expression gradually turned more and more ferocious; her tearful eyes were filled with hatred.

Since Jin Fengchen did not care for her, then he could not blame her for being cruel.

The men guarding her noticed the change in her mood and they suddenly felt cold sweat drip.

It was a dreamless sleep.

Jiang Sese slept until almost noon before she awoke. She turned her head to look at the person next to her and found that there was no one there.

She panicked and hurriedly sat up to look around for the familiar figure.

The room was silent and there was no presence of others at a
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