Chapter 1328 Find Him No Matter What You Do!

After leaving the mansion, Shangguan Yuan forcefully shook Shangguan Qian off and turned to go back inside.

“Stop right there!”

Shangguan Qian darted forward to stop her.

“Get away from me!” Shangguan Yuan shouted at him.

She forcefully shoved Shangguan Qian, trying to push him away.

However, given the difference in strength between men and women, she could never push Shangguan Qian away.

“Have you had enough?” Shangguan Qian got angry, and grabbed her hand forcefully.

Shangguan Yuan was stunned. She suddenly reacted by squatting and crying sadly.

“You’re all bullying me, bullying me!” She screamed as she cried.

When Shangguan Qian saw this, he could not help but feel sad.

He knelt and looked sadly at Shangguan Yuan who was crying so hard her eyes were red. He said gently, “Yuanyuan, you’re so outstanding, you’ll definitely find someone better than Jin Fengchen.”

“I don’t want anyone but him.”

Shangguan Yuan lifted a hand to wipe her tears forcefully. She turned
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