Chapter 1329 We Believe In Daddy

Jiang Sese smiled brightly as she saw them approach. Her heart was so full.

This must be the happiest life one could live.

She placed the fried eggs on their plates and poured a glass of milk for each of them.

“Tiantian, you must finish everything today.” She said to Tiantian with a smile.

Tiantian’s face wrinkled as though she were in great pain.

She seemed to be unable to finish a glass of milk and half a sandwich.

Jin Fengchen leaned over to whisper in her ear, “If you can’t finish, I’ll finish it for you.”

When Tiantian heard this, she immediately smiled widely, hugged his neck and kissed him loudly on the cheek as she said, “Daddy is the best.”

“Fengchen, you cannot be like this, you’re going to spoil her.” Jiang Sese said in feigned displeasure.

Jin Fengchen turned to look at her as he smiled, “She’s my daughter, who else would I spoil but her?”

Jiang Sese had no words in reply.

“Hurry up and eat, we’re going out for a walk later.” Jiang Sese said.

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