Chapter 1332 Have Some Sense, And Leave On Your Own

After a few rounds of investigation, the people Shangguan Qian had sent out to investigate finally found Jin Fengchen’s whereabouts.

“Mr. President, Jin Fengchen is in France.”

When he heard his assistant’s report, Shangguan Qian frowned, “He’s in France?”

“Yes.” The assistant nodded, “Apparently it’s to escape his worries. Shall we tell the Young Miss?”

Tell Shangguan Yuan?

Shangguan Qian hesitated.

He had really wanted Jin Fengchen to return to the Jin family soon.

Now that he had gotten his way, he really did not want Yuanyuan to continue to be connected with Jin Fengchen.

However, if he kept it to himself, Yuanyuan would be very angry when she found out. She might even ignore him for the rest of her life.

When Shangguan Qian thought about the possibility that Shangguan Yuan could ignore him forever, his heart felt heavy.

A sigh escaped from his lips as he said, “Tell her then.”

The assistant said, “Alright”, respectfully before turning to leave.

“What? They’
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