Chapter 1341 Are You Trying To Take Advantage?

Shang Ying was slightly startled, of course she knew what her son wanted.

But she could not let him do whatever he wanted.

After a moment of silence, Shang Ying sighed, "You will understand the pain your father and I feel in the future."

After that, she turned upstairs.


Fang Yuchen raised his head with a wry smile on the corner of his mouth. Why did they never consider his feelings?

He repeatedly backed down and this was all he got as a result.

In that case, he could not be blamed for being unfilial.

No matter what, he would never marry Ye Xiaoyi!

The next day, the mainstream media were all over the news about the cancellation of the marriage between the Fang and Ye families, which quickly aroused heated discussions on the Internet.

The public once again brought up the time Ye Xiaoyi taught a mistress a lesson.

Liang Xinwei was once again pushed to the center of public opinion.

While Liang Xinwei was busy going to school to help A
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