Chapter 1343 We Have No Connection Whatsoever

When Ye Xiaoyi walked out of the Fang's building, the female reporter hiding by the side rushed up.

"Miss Ye, I'm a reporter from Souyu, could you give me some time?"

The other party had revealed her identity, and Ye Xiaoyi opened her mouth to tell her to get out of the way. When she thought about the cancellation of her marriage contract, her heart was overwhelmed with anger.

“Of course."

Since Fang Yuchen was not going to give her an easy time, then she was not going to give that b*tch Liang Xinwei a good time either!

At almost at the same time, the interviews of Fang Yuchen and Ye Xiaoyi were put on the Internet.

One side said that he had never liked Ye Xiaoyi from beginning to end, and already had someone he liked.

The other was angrily cursing Liang Xinwei for being the third person who destroyed her and Fang Yuchen’s relationship.

In an instant, public opinion on the Internet became one-sided, and they all sympathized with Ye Xiaoyi. At the same time
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