Chapter 1344 I Think You Only Have Eyes For Me

In France.

Jiang Sese logged into the domestic social platforms as usual, and saw the news of the cancellation of the marriage between the Fang and Ye families.

She was shocked.

Yuchen decided to stand off with the Ye family?

Moreover, the comments online were very malicious towards Weiwei.

Jiang Sese picked up the phone, found Liang Xinwei's number, and dialed it.

After the call was connected, Liang Xinwei's voice came from the receiver.

"Sister Sese."

"How are you...?" Jiang Sese asked tentatively.

"I am very well."

Jiang Sese remained silent for a few seconds before speaking, "I saw the news on the Internet."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

Jiang Sese thought for a while, and asked softly: "Are you really all right?"

She had been insulted so badly online, Jiang Sese was really worried that she could not bear it..

Liang Xinwei chuckled, "I have broken up with him, what could be wrong?"

"Break up? How come..." Jiang S
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