Chapter 1347 She Was The Only One He Wanted

After finishing up his work, Fang Yuchen drove to Liang Xinwei's residence.

He could not wait to tell Weiwei that his parents agreed that they could be together.

Fang Yuchen contained his excitement, raised his hand, and knocked on the door. He eagerly awaited the door being opened.

However, after waiting for a long while, no one opened the door.

He thought Weiwei was still angry with him and knocked on the door again.

Still nothing.

Just when he was about to knock again, the door next door opened, and a white-haired old lady came out, looked up and down at him inquiringly, and asked, “Are you looking for Weiwei?”

Fang Yuchen nodded. "Yes."

“They just moved out.”

“What?” Fang Yuchen was stunned. “They moved out?”

“Yes, they moved out yesterday.”

After she finished speaking, the old lady proceeded to shut the door.

Fang Yuchen hurriedly asked, “Do you know where they went?”


The old lady then shut the door.

A wry and bitter smile was plastered on Fang Yuchen’s face.
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