Chapter 1348 As You Wish

Song Yao pushed open the door of the Chairman’s office and saw Fang Yuchen staring down at his phone in a daze. He did not even notice him coming in.

No wonder there was no response even after he knocked several times.

“Mister Chairman,” he called out cautiously as he approached.

Fang Yuchen raised his head, and had a dazed look on his face. "What's the matter?"

“Mister Xu is here. He’s waiting for you in the meeting room.”

“Oh.” Fang Yuchen stood up.

He was not sure if he stood up too quickly or if he was unwell, but he felt dizzy.

Song Yao turned pale with fright. “Chairman Fang!”

“I’m fine.” Fang Yuchen raised his hand to signal Song Yao to not panic.

Song Yao was about to approach when he saw Fang Yuchen fall backward.

“Mister Chairman!”

Song Yao rushed forward and grabbed him.

Fang Yuchen's eyes were closed tightly and his face was a little pale.

“Somebody help!” shouted Song Yao.

The secretary rushed in and saw him supporting Fang Yuchen. “What happened to the Chair
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