Chapter 1349 Mommy’s Been Kidnapped!

After deciding the itinerary, Jiang Sese began to pack their luggage. It took four large luggage bags to fit everything.

Jiang Sese could not help but sigh. “It's really a huge effort to go traveling.”

Jin Fengchen chuckled, carrying the luggage bags and placed them against the wall before he took Jiang Sese into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Thank you.”

“It’s no trouble at all. I'm just saying it casually.” Jiang Sese raised his head and unexpectedly stared into his tender eyes.

In the next second, his gentle lips covered hers. After discussing with Xiaobao and Tiantian that they would first go to the UK and then to Denmark, Jin Fengchen booked the tickets.

On the day of departure, the family of four woke up early, had breakfast, and went straight to the airport.

After collecting the boarding pass, the two little ones were clearly unwilling to stay still and wait obediently in the waiting room. Tiantian wanted to have some dessert in a nearby shopping area.

Since it was s
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