Chapter 135 The Evil Family

Jiang Sese watched in bewilderment. The comments from the bystanders and the false accusations from the Jiang Family made her feel awful.

However, such things had happened many times over the years and Jiang Sese had gotten used to them.

But now, someone had stood up for her. Jiang Sese was touched.

But Shen Shulan was still screaming like a shrew.

"President Jin, are you trying to get my grandson killed? I know that you want to protect Jiang Sese, but this is a life we're talking about here!"

Curled up in Lan Sichen's arms, Jiang Nuannuan feigned a pleading voice as she said, "Sister, please don't do this. It's all our fault. We shouldn't have offended you. Please talk to President Jin and let us leave."

Jiang Sese ignored her. She knew perfectly well that Jiang Nuannuan only said that so that they could escape, but Jiang Sese had made up her mind. She would get to the bottom of this.

The hubbub of noises had attracted a lot of attention and nearly all the guests had gathered a
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