Chapter 1351 To Consider At Length

“Go home?” Tiantian’s face wrinkled up. “Aren't we going to Y Country?”

“The flight was grounded. We need to buy a ticket for another time.” Jin Fengchen gave a random excuse.

Tiantian did not doubt it the slightest and looked disappointed. “Okay then.”

“We will go to Y Country; it’s just that the date has changed,” promised Jiang Sese.

Tiantian nodded, indicating that she understood.

Jin Fengchen thanked the staff of the mall, then the family left the mall and went straight home.

When they arrived home, Jin Fengchen asked the two children to go play upstairs.

“Wait for me in the living room,” said Jin Fengchen to Jiang Sese after the two children went upstairs.

Jiang Sese followed his instructions, headed to the living room, and sat down. She then saw him coming in with a first-aid kit.

He took her hand and inspected the wound on her palm and arm. He noticed the dried bloodstains and his eyebrows wrinkled with distress.

“Does it hurt?” Jin Fengchen raised his eyes to look at
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