Chapter 1358 All His Promises To Her

After receiving Jiang Sese’s call, Mo Xie and Han Yu went to the old Jin Residence.

“Master, Mistress, Young Master, Young Mistress.” They greeted them each in turn respectfully.

Madam Jin smiled and said, “No need to be so restrained next time, just treat this place as your own home.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Mo Xie smiled at her, before turning to Jin Fengchen, “Young Master, Han Yu and I have developed a new drug, it is a lot more effective than the previous one.”

Jin Fengchen nodded and said nothing.

Jiang Sese remembered the side effects caused by the previous drug, and could not help but ask out of worry, “Will there be any side effects this time?”

“Young Mistress, you can rest easy on this. We only brought this drug to the Young Master after many rounds of testing.” Han Yu explained.

“That’s good.” Jiang Sese sighed in relief.

If the side effects were the same as the last time, then she would rather Fengchen continue to lose his memories and never try any more dr
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