Chapter 1360 I Will Marry You

Ye Chenyun only sent Liang Xinwei and Anan home as night descended.

The car stopped outside the villa, and Anan was the first to open the door and jump out of the car.

Liang Xinwei smiled as she undid her seatbelt and said, “Anan was very happy today, thank you.”

“No worries.” Ye Chenyun smiled back.

“Have a safe drive home.”

Liang Xinwei reached out to open the door and get out of the car.

“Weiwei.” Ye Chenyun hurriedly grabbed her hand.

Liang Xinwei looked down at his hand, and frowned.

Ye Chenyun followed her gaze and realized he had been rude. He hurriedly let go and smiled awkwardly, “I wanted to say won’t you invite me in to sit for a while?”

Liang Xinwei laughed softly, “If you’ve got the time, sure.”

She pretended not to know what he planned.

“I was just kidding.”

After he said that, Ye Chenyun sighed inwardly. He was attracted to her, but he also knew that she loved Fang Yuchen, so he did not dare to overstep his boundaries so easily.

“I’m going in fi
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