Chapter 1362 Sheep To The Slaughter

As night fell, the four of them returned home.

Jiang Sese went in and was taking her shoes off in the doorway when she heard a familiar voice.

“I’m feeling much better, but I’ve been keeping my father company, and that’s why I haven’t returned to Jin City.”

It was her mother!

Jiang Sese sped up her motions of changing her shoes, and strode into the living room.

As expected, she saw Fang Xueman sitting on the sofa with Madam Jin as they chatted.

“Mom!” She exclaimed in surprise.

Hearing her voice, Fang Xueman and Madam Jin turned in unison to look.

Fang Xueman’s smile deepened when she saw Jiang Sese, “You’re back.”


Xiaobao and Tiantian came bounding over to throw themselves into Fang Xueman’s arms.

“Good.” Fang Xueman chuckled as she held one child in each arm.

“Mom, why are you here all of a sudden?” Jiang Sese walked over and asked with a smile.

“Of course it’s because I missed you.” Madam Jin answered for Fang Xueman.

Jiang Sese looked at her
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