Chapter 1369 Cannot Let Her Sit In Prison

When Jiang Sese heard the news, she rushed over, afraid to waste even a second.

When she arrived, the ambulance had arrived as well.

“Mom.” Jiang Sese rushed over to find her mother lying on the gurney, her eyes screwed shut and face as pale as a sheet. If it were not for the slight movement in her chest, one might have thought she was dead.

“What’s wrong with my mom?” Jiang Sese looked at Jin Fengchen.

“She fainted. We’ll learn more when we run some tests at the hospital.”

Jin Fengchen walked over and wrapped an arm around her shoulder as he comforted her gently, “Don’t worry, mom will be fine.”

Seeing her mother being pushed into the ambulance, Jiang Sese hurriedly caught up and sat next to her. She took her mother’s hand tightly, “Mom, you have to be okay…”

A fog formed over her vision as tears streamed down her face. Her heart was full of guilt.

If it was not for her, her mother would not have been abducted by that crazy woman Shangguan Yuan, and would not be uncon
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