Chapter 137 A Kiss

Jing Fengchen frowned at what he heard. He only realized then that Jiang Sese had lived a much harder life than he had known or imagined.

He felt sorry for her. If only he had met Jiang Sese earlier, he would have been able to make her life much easier.

At that thought, Jin Fengchen pulled Jiang Sese into his arms and said in his deep, mesmerizing voice, "It's all in the past now. They're not worth holding grudges over. Forget about them."

Jiang Sese smiled, and then sipped her wine. Her beautiful face looked somewhat unapproachable.

"That's right! It's all in the past. But I just don't understand, why won't they leave me alone? Why do they keep doing such things to me? Do I look like an easy target? Do they want to see me suffer?"

Jiang Sese had lost count of the time those people picked on her since she left the Jiang Family.

Would they only stop after they drove her to death?

Jin Fengchen held Jiang Sese even tighter.

"I'm here for you. No one will ever pick on you again."

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