Chapter 1371 I Want To See Jin Fengchen

Madam Shangguan choked, before she said adamantly, “Anyway, his life was saved by Yuanyuan. It’s immoral for him to treat Yuanyuan like this. It’s ruthless.”

“Madam, you’re going too far there!” Madam Jin was angry. She would not suffer her son to be spoken of like that.

“I want to see Jin Fengchen! Is he hiding because he’s guilt-ridden and ashamed to see me?” Madam Shangguan ignored Madam Jin’s words, and looked around, trying to find Jin Fengchen.

At that moment, a familiar voice spoke, “Madam, I am definitely not guilt-ridden.”

When the Old Lady heard his voice, her heart dropped and she looked in the direction of the voice.

She saw Jin Fengchen walking down the stairs towards her step by step.

It was still the Jin Fengchen she knew, but that handsome face did not have a trace of expression, and the eyes looking at her were full of coldness.

She could clearly feel the oppressive sensation emanating from him.

Inexplicably, despite the fact she was facing a juni
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Jessica Gainey
Just so everyone knows, this book has like 2000 chapters online. Yaunyaun is going to fake her own death so they will all think she is dead and put their guards down.

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