Chapter 1378 Dropped The Charges

That evening, Jiang Sese told Jin Fengchen about the call from Old Madam Shangguan.

After hearing this, Jin Fengchen’s expression turned dark. “Did you agree?”

“No.” Jiang Sese shook her head. “How could I agree with regards to something so important?”

“Then reject the offer. This is the result of Shangguan Yuan's own doing.”

Jiang Sese sighed. “But your reputation, I think…”

“Do you want to accept the offer?”

“If you can maintain your reputation, it is okay if we take the high ground.” These were Jiang Sese's true thoughts.

Compared to putting Shangguan Yuan in prison, she was more worried about him.

Jin Fengchen rubbed her head. “Don't worry, my reputation will not be so easily sullied.”

“What are you chatting about? What reputation?”

Madam Jin walked into the study with a platter of fruits and overheard the word ‘reputation’.

Jiang Sese turned to look at her, then at Jin Fengchen, and hesitated.

“What’s that about reputation?” asked Madam Jin again as she set the fruits
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