Chapter 1379 Not Blame Her For Being Ruthless

“It will be a while before the Young Miss will be able to return home.” Lawyer Jiang paused and considered his words carefully, then said, “Mister Chairman, you have to persuade the Young Miss to stop causing trouble and behave obediently. Maybe the charges can be reduced.”

“You should be clear; I want more than just a reduction in sentence.” Shangguan Qian's eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a forceful aura. “I want a full acquittal.”

“I understand.” Lawyer Jiang was stunned, and quickly explained. “Therefore, it will take some time.”

Shangguan Qian knew that this matter could not be rushed as there were too many details to manage and it would really take a lot of time.

He thought for a moment. “I will visit Yuanyuan tomorrow to calm her emotions so as not to cause trouble again.”

The Jin family had withdrawn the lawsuit, and the most important thing now was Shangguan Yuan's own actions.

If she kept causing trouble, things would only get more troublesome.

Early morning t
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