Chapter 138 Jealousy

This kiss had slowly increased the temperature in the room.

Jiang Sese's kissing was too sloppy, prompting Jin Fengchen to go from an active role to a passive one. Both of them had unknowingly rolled onto the bed with Jin Fengchen pressing himself down on her body. Through the thin clothing, they could both feel each other's roiling heat.

It seemed as if a simple kiss was not enough to satisfy him. Jin Fengchen's hands roamed across Jiang Sese's body, the kiss traveling from her lips to her ear lobe and down to her neck...

The clothes on Jiang Sese had almost all been removed. When he touched her body in the most sensitive spots, she could not help letting out a small moan.

Jin Fengchen's last shred of rationality was close to crumbling...

However, at the critical moment, Jiang Sese fell asleep.

The woman's eyes were closed and only the sound of her steady breathing could be heard. Witnessing this, Jin Fengchen wished he could drag this girl up to smack her, yet he could not brin
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