Chapter 1380 I Will Definitely Save You

He remembered that Sese did not like milk.

Jin Fengchen could not help but laugh. It seemed that, as long as it was something concerning Sese, his subconscious remembered it.

Jiang Sese also smiled. “I don't know what else you remember about me, but I am looking forward to it.”

Jin Fengchen looked at her with gentle eyes.

He was also looking forward to remembering other things about Sese.

That night, the whole family sat in the living room and chatted.

Jiang Sese mentioned what happened that morning. She stared deeply at Jin Fengchen, and the corners of her mouth curled upward. “Fengchen has already remembered a lot about me.”

“Sister-in-law, are you very happy?” asked Jin Fengyao.

Jiang Sese raised her eyebrows. "Of course I am happy."

Jin Fengyao gripped his chest and made an unhappy expression. “However, I’m not happy. My brother doesn’t remember anything about me.”

“Jin Fengyao, that’s not part of the characteristics. What are you talking about?” Song Qingwan elbowed him.
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